Very Cheap Elysium and Zeth’Kur Gold for Sale

elysium gold stockMore than 1 month has passed since Elysium was released and now the prices are going down. Not sure if we have mentioned, but Elysium had long queues and players demanded a new realm, so Zeth’Kur was released for the public, one week after the new realm.

The price for Elysium gold is approximately $47 for 100. When the realm was started, only few players had gold and they were selling it for more than $100 for 100 coins, which was rather expensive.

Again, just like on Nost, Chinese sellers are flooding the market – be cautious when purchasing from this guys, you won’t want your account to fall into trouble, your safe bet is to use a smart website like or

Further, Valkyrie parted it way with Nostalrius team and the original realms were turned into Anathema and Darrowshire, respectively for the PvP & PvE.

See you in-game.

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