Hellground WoW Launched!

goblin enjoying goldYesterday, one of the few well known Burning Crusade TBC servers was released – known as Hellground WoW. Aimed at the international community, there was quite a buzz about this realm. Players are literary swamped in the queue, waiting to join this fresh new Outland adventure. Starting as level 1 with double experience rates, it will certainly take some weeks even for the most skilled to hit the cap at level 70. For those who need a hand, hellground tbc gold can be purchased on this website (along with other services): www.Gold4Hellground.com

Very Cheap Elysium and Zeth’Kur Gold for Sale

elysium gold stockMore than 1 month has passed since Elysium was released and now the prices are going down. Not sure if we have mentioned, but Elysium had long queues and players demanded a new realm, so Zeth’Kur was released for the public, one week after the new realm.

The price for Elysium gold is approximately $47 for 100. When the realm was started, only few players had gold and they were selling it for more than $100 for 100 coins, which was rather expensive.

Again, just like on Nost, Chinese sellers are flooding the market – be cautious when purchasing from this guys, you won’t want your account to fall into trouble, your safe bet is to use a smart website like nostalrius.net or goldelysium.com

Further, Valkyrie parted it way with Nostalrius team and the original realms were turned into Anathema and Darrowshire, respectively for the PvP & PvE.

See you in-game.

Elysium PvP Launched by The Elysium Project

The Elysium Project became famous when they received the former Nostalrius source code/core and the original player database. Players swamped on the reinstated Nostalrius PvP & PvE realms and now even more space is made for new players looking to jump on the Elysium bandwagon.

With over 20.000 thousand players active on the realms at any given moment, there is a plethora of services to be offered.

If you are looking to purchase gold for Elysium, you can do so from the following links and websites:

Nostalrius & Elysium Gameplay

There are no Vanilla WoW realms like these ones, we can promise you that.

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